Saturday, August 2, 2008

No Shortage of Self-Esteem

Imagine walking into a room and hearing this kid singing "I'm a beautiful geeenius!" over and over. It's hard not to laugh, let me tell you. I have no idea where he's learned it, but he sings it with feeling.
In other news, we got a surprise in the mail yesterday. About a week ago a lovely lady named Elizabeth over at Brighter Minds Media offered to send us a Thomas & Friends: Special Delivery computer game to try out and plug if we thought it was worth the mention. I was excited because the only other person who has ever ask me to product test anything is my four year old. *wink*
It arrived on our door step yesterday and Lucas ripped it right open. Despite the fact that my son refuses to hold a mouse correctly and instead "right-clicks" with his right thumb, he is enamoured with his new computer game. He loves it, and at four years old, he can play both levels well, although the "easy level" is understandably, well, easier. He even woke up crying this afternoon because he thought I had forgotten to pack it in his overnight bag for Grandma's house. So thank you, Elizabeth! We love the game!


Anonymous said...

This is very exciting news about testing a new product! The new photo is precious; thanks for brightening my world!

Anna said...

Ah! Thanks Aunt Mary!

pisceshanna said...

awww. As my Okie grandmother says "That just warmed ma heart." She also says "I'm gon BEAT you!" to her toy poodle.

Anna said...

Pisceshanna: Kids do say the sweetest things. It won't be long before your little girl just amazes you with her vocabulary!