Monday, August 4, 2008

Show of Hands

If you can count the number of hours of sleep you got last night on two fingers, please raise your hand and step are my people.

Lucas is so incredibly good about letting me crash on the couch for an extra hour of sleep on the nights I work late, and today was no exception. HOWEVER...he (and I say this with all of the love in my heart because he is a sweet, sweet boy) kept peppering me with kisses up and down my arm at every commercial break while clasping my hand in his and telling me I was a good, good Mommy. And that is so sweet, right? EXCEPT...I got home from work at 4am and it was now 6:30am and it took every ounce of willpower in my old tired bones not to shake him off me. I would like to redeem my horrible self by reassuring you all that I didn't shake him off...not even once. A day will come when I'd give my kingdom for those sweet wet kisses up and down my arm, so I hugged him tight each time and told him he's my favorite son. Heh. It was really hard not to shake him off, though. Like...really hard.


Anonymous said...

You ARE a good, good mommy and deserve all of those kisses. You have your own version of "I'll Love You Forever" and I can 'see' the pictures because you write so well! Thanks for sharing a heart-story tonight!

SingleWorkingMommy said...

Well, I can't show you on two FINGERS, but I can show you on one hand.

I don't know how you do it, lady. Kudos to you.

Anna said...

SWM: Two fingers, one's all the same thing! ;-)

Hope you get some rest tonight!

Kellan said...

You are as good a mommy and that precious Lucas is a son!

Take care and get some sleep - Kellan

pmd said...

I admit to stealing all the sleep I can get, even when peppering my son delivers is from the actual pepper shaker! For you I wish more sleep; for me I want kisses instead of pepper, cinnamon, colored sprinkles, nutmeg, anything in a cupboard that must be reached by climbing onto a chair. You are a wonderful provider for your boy and he has grown to be a sweet, sensitive young man. We need sweet, sensitive, well-dressed young men in the world!