Sunday, August 24, 2008

Perfect Day

Oh, this sweet boy does tug at the old heart strings, sitting there in the sunshine.
( I seriously need to do something about his hair.)
The view from my lawn chair at my friend Wendy's house. What's not in the picture is her BEAUTIFUL and GIANT aqua blue pool where I am trying my best to invite myself over every day teach Lucas to swim. This swimming business is no easy task, let me tell you. You would think that such a delightfully squishy boy might be a bit more buoyant, but alas, it's not to be. He sinks like a all other four year olds that have not yet mastered the art of swimming...but still. He is just, just, just tall enough to step off the stairs and still keep his smiling face above the water. Just tall enough unless someone jumps into the deep end and the ripple of waves makes it's way over to where he is precariously tip toeing back and forth before the stairs. I fished him out and guided him to the steps, but I will be perfectly honest here and admit that I was laughing at him, poor little drowned cat. At the same time howling about the injustice of getting wet (shock! you're in a pool!) while also asking me over and over if I'm proud of his courage, and proud of his bravery in the water. And if anyone is wondering, the answer is YES! I couldn't be more proud of his courage or of his bravery. He is my brave little toaster. (And he hates it when I tell him that.)
He also asked me today if my pedicure was flawless, so clearly his vocabulary is coming right along, as is the "swimming".
This would be the toad that tried to make me pee my pants by jumping across my bare foot on the way to the car.


Anonymous said...

Jack (my older one) hasn't learned to swim yet either and it's starting to get me worried. By 3 I was in the deep end, jumping off the diving board and swimming like a fish. Given his personality, I'm afraid that if I wait too much longer his fear is going to make it too difficult to learn.

Love the pic of the toad!

Anonymous said...

The old first grade teacher wants you to know that the critter is a leopard frog, cute as can be!

College classes start tomorrow and I'm so eager to meet the students. Summer is gone...


Anna said...

ABF: He thinks just because he got accidently dunked under water for a split second that he now knows how to swim...which is a dangerous thing to know, when you can't actually swim. We'll get there...and so will your Jack! ;-)

AM: He didn't seem so cute in person! ;-)