Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Awwwww....He's No Dummy

Lucas and I were sitting in the car waiting to pick up my mom from work (on my way to work) (doesn't it seem like a lot of my stories start out that way?) and I handed him a toy catalog and pen and told him to have at it. Go wild. Start making Your List. And then he sent the world crashing down around me by announcing that THERE IS NO SANTA CLAUS. I'm sorry, but 4 is simply too young to be so jaded. So I started gushing about how OF COURSE there's a Santa Claus if only you BELIEVE! I begged him to tell me what he wanted for Christmas. I offered to write his letter myself, so sure was I that Santa was REAL and that he NEEDED that letter. He said all he wanted was an xBox360 but Grandma was going to get it for him. There was nothing he was willing to ask Santa for. And also? If you say your wish out loud it won't come true.

It was like being on the losers team during a major debate. Not fun.

"Okay, we won't talk about it anymore for right now", I told him, "but Santa most definitely is real but only if you believe...and also, he's not a mind reader so we should just play it safe and make a list." I faced front and pulled out a magazine and turned up the radio a little so he'd know I was done pestering him about for the time being. It was then I heard a tiny little whisper from the back. "I believe. I believe." And that, my friends, is how you melt your mother into a puddle of goo with just four little words.

"Did you just hear me say anything?" he demanded from the back seat.

"What sweetie? Were you talking to me?" I replied, all nonchalant.

"Nope...I didn't say anything...but you can help me make a list, if you want."


Anonymous said...

Oh, man, I'm all gooey too.

pmd said...

Polar Express is a great movie to address that one. Wonderful musical score as well. Do you have it in your collection?

Anna and Lucas said...

pmd: Nope...we don't have that one...it was on TV tonight, too, but Lucas was already asleep by the time it came on. Lucky him...I'm still up starring at the walls wishing I was asleep! :)