Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Vote for Luke Skywalker is a Vote for Change

We went to the polls this morning, and as always, it was an adventure. And maybe also a lesson in using your indoor voice.
I may not have mentioned it here before but Lucas is OBSESSED with Star Wars right now. We were in GapKids not long ago and they had these awesome long sleeved tees that said "Darth Vader for President" on them, except that Lucas took them very literally and started getting worried that Darth Vader much actually become the next Leader of the Free World. Long talks followed about how Darth Vader shouldn't get to be president because he's EVIL and also NOT HUMAN so we should just CHOP OFF HIS HEAD and vote for Luke Skywalker instead! And he retold his theories to anyone who would listen today at the voting polls. Good times.

Once we were checked in and handed our ballots we chose the next available super secret voting box (is that what you call a grey plastic suitcase with cardboard sides?) It was pretty shaky and the long line of them would shimmy back and forth as all of us voters tried to color in the lines. Lucas, forgetting his library voice for a moment, yells out, "Boy! This thing is piece of junk!". It was probably less of a yell and more of a regular voice but in a roomful of silent and serious voters he might as well have been shouting it out on a bullhorn. Again, good times.

Hope you all had a happy and successful trip to the polls today! And remember...just because Luke Skywalker isn't offically on the ballot doesn't mean you can't enter him as a write-in.


Kellan said...

It sounds to me like that little Lucas made voting fun for everyone! He's a cutie!

Take care - Kellan

Anonymous said...

Yeah, those things are not kid-friendly. They're barely adult friendly. Avi looked around and announced, "It's like a little house!" And proceeded to feed herself a pretend meal while I colored in the little circles. At least she did it quietly :)

pmd said...

Did you hear giggling and snickering from other voters? If I'd been near by, you would have heard me giggle.

Anna said...

Pam: Oh yeah...there was snickering, but we did get a cupcake on the way out.

serahrose: some of the tiniest little towns (here in VT) have electronic voting...but we're still coloring inside the lines...go figure!

Kellan: Thanks! He's practicing shaking hands and kissing babies for when he's older!