Sunday, November 9, 2008

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Parenting...

Just when I start getting good and stressed about my kid's recent behavior issues he ups and acts like a sweet little angel boy. All opening doors for me and planting wet kisses on my hands and telling me "I love you 100 Mommy!" like a good son should.

I surely have the patience of a saint (don't most single moms?), but when I finally hit a wall, I hit it hard and the fall out is not pretty. So anyway, we're back to being fun and happy, and we'll just see how long that lasts...let's hope it lasts longer than just today though, okay?

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Anonymous said...

So glad your charming son is back! Bet you missed those wet kisses... No matter what he's doing, I just LOVE reading about 'life with Lucas' ! Thanks!