Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's a Toss Up

I can either play the drums...or my flute.

Lucas is starting a rock band. A song came on the radio this afternoon on my way to work and Lucas declared it the "most perfect song for my little kids rock band". I was offered a spot in the band and he told me to pick an instrument to play.

Him: You can play whatever you want Mommy...you chose!
Me: Anything? Wow...I think I'd like to play the electric guitar.
Him: Uh, no...you can't play that...pick something else.
Me: Okay, then I'd like to play the keyboard.
Him: Uh, no...you can't play that either.
Me: Well, you just told me that I could pick anything I want...so that means I should be able to pick anything.
Him: Well, you can play the drums...or the flute.

I bet Jethro Tull would be proud that a little four year old boy in 2008 is hoping to score a flute player for his rock band...but it'd probably still be cooler to play the drums...doncha' think? And Grandma was invited to play in the rock band as well...but he charged her a dollar to join. As least I didn't have to pay, even if I end up having to play the flute.


Anonymous said...

Does he KNOW about your flute?

Single Working Mommy said...

LOL! Awesome.

pmd said...

Tell Lucas he can count Sam in on his little kid rock band! Mae can be their first groupie!

Anna said...

pmd: Sam is so totally in. Tell Mae the boys would be honored to count her as they're first groupie...and if she's anything like her mama, I bet she'll be tossin' her pull-ups on the stage! Hehehe.