Friday, November 21, 2008

Same Old

I tweaked my back yesterday...again. Because apparently I'm old and decrepit and I have a completely unconditioned core. It happens to me every few months and can be brought on by any number of things like hauling the boy around or turning quickly or breathing. It stinks because I finally get a few days off and I'm couch bound and without good snacks or diet Pepsi. Grrr.

However, Lucas has been keeping me entertained by working on his Oscar nomination. He walks around the house bellowing "Just ask me, Mom! I'll do anything for you! ANYTHING!" Unfortunately all I want from him are BBQ chips and ice cold soda, but since we have neither in house and there's no way I'm going to the store, I'm sort of out of luck. By morning I should be suffering from caffeine withdrawals and it won't be pretty. Pray for me, would 'ya?
SWEET!!! The second I posted this my friend Becky showed up on my doorstep with cheesecake. That's what you call an awesome snack...and an answered prayer! Thanks Becky! My mouth is full of strawberry cheescake as we speak type.


pmd said...

Get your butt over to see my chiropracter! I know it's a $20 co-pay but you don't have to live like this!

Anna said...

Yeah...I feel like I'm 80 years old some days...doesn't bode well for the future! But Lucas did take very good care of me...warming up my hot packs and drinking all my soda! :)