Saturday, November 15, 2008

Out of the Mouths...

So I was back at Target this week (because I'm weak in the knees for that store and the mere fact that I have to travel to another state via an overpriced ferry ride cannot keep us apart!!) Sorry, that was overly dramatic, I apologize.


I was shopping for a new purse while I was there because my coworkers seem to think the one I'm carrying around now is akin to a "murse" aka man-purse and should be burned. They are a tough crowd, indeed. I was browsing in the handbag section and told Lucas to sit on the floor beside me so that I could concentrate on the inventory without having to worry that he might wander off on me. He was chopping on ice cubes and more than happy to plop on the carpet and chew on his ice.

"I want to 'rake up with you, Mom."

Huh? "You want to wake up with me? You want to sleep in my bed tonight?

"No...I want to 'rake UP with you."

"I still don't get it, buddy...swallow what's in your mouth and then tell me again."

"I want to break up with you, MOM!"

"Well, I'm sorry, you can't break up with or not we're together forever. I'm gonna be your Mama for the rest of all time. No breaking up aloud."

"Well, then, I want to date you 'cause I love you so much!"

That's better...still not quite right, but better. I think he's been eavesdropping on my brother's conversations with his buddies...people forget that for the most part he understands everything he hears. And his ears? They are big.


singleworkingmommy said...

Tell me about it. Last week my two-year-old told me to stop being an asshole, and then today at dinner we had this conversation:

"Hey Mom?"

"What, babe?"

"You're my girl."

I have no clue where he got THAT. And I'm a little scared... are they hooking up at daycare?

Kellan said...

Oh, I'm so glad you guys didn't break up - you are my favorite pair - truly!!!

Have a great week - Kellan

Anna said...

SWM: Ha! That is so warms the heart doesn't it? Obviously not the asshole part...the "You're my girl" part! Little sweeties!

Kellan: Thanks! Even though I'll probably never think there's a girl good enough for my little preshus...he still doesn't get to break up with ME! ;-)