Sunday, December 9, 2007

Do People Really Not Have Anything Better to Do?

So...some bozo posted this reeeeeeaaaallllly long comment on yesterday's Spanish...'cause you know, this LOOKS like a Spanish speaking blog. Um...what is the point of that? I get that there are a gazillion spammers out there, but really, why leave a comment full of links longer than my post in a language I clearly don't speak? The kicker was the last line where the "commenter" asked me to add them to my blogroll in English? Yeah sure, why not, I'd love to. And while we're at it maybe I could write you a check for some fictitious charity...or maybe you could just have my ATM card if that's easier for you.

It's easy enough to delete those sorts of comments without actually using the moderation feature...but geeeeze, leave my poor little blog alone.

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Kellan said...

"leave my poor little blog alone" - really! That's crazy wierd, right? I haven't had that sort of wierdness happen yet - but I'm sure I'll be next. Hope you and Lucas had a good weekend. See ya. Kellan