Saturday, December 29, 2007

We Made It

We made it through another holiday in one piece. Everything was wonderful. My little brother called around dinner time on Monday night wondering where we were...he thought we were sleeping over and I thought were staying home. He won. We packed up everything and headed over to my Mom's so that we could all wake up together on Christmas morning...which happened to be 6am. That's a painful hour to a girl that works nights. Bleary, tired pictures to follow...

Lucas loved everything that Ben (my little brother) got for Christmas and also the four sets of "Thomas pieces" (legos) that he asked Santa for. Everything else was either unwrapped and played with again hours later, or not unwrapped at all. I do, in fact, have a garbage bag full of unwrapped Christmas gifts from me to him that sit wrapped in all their Christmas glory in the middle of my kitchen floor. He walks by them a hundred times a day and doesn't inquire about them or even try to peak in the bag. This happened last year, too. You'd have thought I would have learned my lesson...but no. So, once again this year, I will sneak down to the basement and rewrap all those presents to be regifted on his birthday. Luckily for me, his birthday is right around the corner.

The boys stayed glued to the xBox all day, except when I pried it out of their little white knuckles to jam out to Guitar Hero III, myself. The whole day was just fun and relaxed and the food was really good and the company was great.

And then we went out on Wednesday like crazies and hit all the sales...I love a little after holiday sale...until I see all of the things I bought on sale in November (all smug and early) on uber clearance Wednesday. It presents a strong argument for holding Christmas on Thursday the 27th every year...just for the cost savings. Oh was still fun!

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