Monday, December 31, 2007

Sometimes He's So Cute I Just Can't Even Hardly Stand It

Let's set the scene: today at noon in a booth at Moe's. It sounded a little something like this...

Him: (Mouth full of taco from his Power Wagon kid's meal.) "Vis is a wily wily yummy donut I have here, 'fanks for gettin' me vis donut!

Me: (Choking back the giggles.) "Honey, that's a taco, what you're eating is called a taco."

Him: "Oh, yeah (taco pieces from from his overstuffed little mouth)...I was being silly."


Kellan said...

Donuts - tacos - both delicious!!! He is too cute for words!!

I hope you have a wonderful New Year and I also hope to see you often in 2008 - see you then. Kellan

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year...all the BEST for two of my most favorite-est people in the world!

pmd said...

You are so lucky, I'm sure you already know that. xoxo, pmd