Monday, December 10, 2007

Typical Male

We live in New England. It's been snowing for a least a couple of weeks now. Yet, everytime we get in the car to go anywhere, Lucas looks out the window and says, "Hey! I think it snowed here!" All shocked and suprised. I'm not sure what clues him in, really. It could be the mountains of snow that are currently everywhere. Or maybe the fact that it's actually snowing as he says it. Who knows. It's terribly cute.

He also announced today that his birthday is March 1st, and he wants a new car, because ours goes bump, bump, bump, bump, bump. I agree with him completely, both that he should get a brand new car for his 4th birthday, and that ours go bump, bump, bump, bump, bump. I mean, I only got a banana seat bike for my 4th birthday, but the times are changing, I guess. And if a car is indeed his birthday present, I think that gets me off the hook of buying him anything else, wouldn't you agree?


Kellan said...

Such a cute post and I agree - it would get you off the hook and be very cool.

EC said...

You must live up in Maine or Vermont huh? I'm from New Bedford Ma myself. Go PATRIOTS!! :-) Had to throw that in for good measure, lol