Saturday, December 29, 2007

To the Dentist: Episode 2

Lucas had his second ever dentist appointment yesterday...and while he was still quite vocal in his displeasure about it, on the whole, it was a million times better than the first. At the first visit six months ago, I tried to prepare him with long, unnecessary discussions about what to expect...this did neither of us any favors, and just caused him to stress out about it the entire week before. That visit mostly went like this: Crying, then pleading, then snot everywhere, then a bit of screaming, then a toy but no actual cleaning and a teary goodbye. Yeah...not my finest parenting moment. Cut to this year, where I didn't tell him he was going at all until we pulled into the parking lot and he realized where he was. Just a tiny bit of whining, just a tiny bit of snot, and a bit more of the wailing. But much, much better than last time. He got his teeth cleaned and a fluoride treatment to boot, thankyouverymuch! And while it's true he whimpered through his entire cleaning and fluoride treatment, when the dentist said he was all done, he actually sat up and said "thank you"! Which just proves that even in moments of trauma, I have beat those good manners right into him! ;-)


Kellan said...

How cute - "beat those good manners right into him" - too funny. So glad it went well. See you soon. Kellan

Anonymous said...

Successful visit to the dentist-hooray for Mom and Son! IYOMTYCESx2-AM