Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow Day!

It's official...we are buried in the white stuff with no end in site. Everyone at work is freaking out about the drive home and getting back to work in the morning. I could really care less. My mom lives close enough to walk home if I have to...I've got boots and mittens...and I'll just crash on her couch.

On a different note...Lucas made me dinner today. All by himself. Tuna sandwiches and cookies. My little love! I am positive that tuna will have never tasted so good. Plus I watched him put a good amount of salt in it, and I do love me some, how could it be bad? He LOVES to cook in the kitchen, and he wants to be part of every step. Of course, he's still only three, so his efforts do have limits, but he is a scrambled egg and mashed potato professional. Sometimes both of those things at a single meal. Every day. Yes, I know, we do eat fancy around here when left on our own.


Anonymous said...

So glad you're not stressing out about the snowstorm. You mom has probably paved a path from the hospital to her house-just follow it! Your little chef is quite a guy. I say "a balanced meal is something in each hand!" He sure has gone fast from his miniature kitchen set to a real one!

Kellan said...

Scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes and tuna fish sandwiches are some of my very favorites - he's adorable. Take care of that sweet boy and have fun in the snow. See you soon. Kellan