Monday, December 17, 2007

Just Keep Shoveling

I got some great photos today of Lucas next to the snow piles...piles that soar several feet above his head, several feet above my head if we're talking about the pile outside my living room windows. It's a lovely view, really. The folks that plow the driveways in my neighborhood were nice enough to wait until almost 2:30pm this afternoon to actually plow us out...because you know, it's Monday...who has any place to be? But then today? Today was beautiful. Really cold but with clear blue skies, bare roads, sun shining. I would take a nighttime blizzard anytime when you wake up to day as pretty as this.

Any survivor fans out there? I was so so so so so happy that the producers gave Denise the Lunch Lady that surprise $50,000...can you believe all she wanted to do was go back to work as the lunch lady and the school she worked for fired her because she was considered a distraction? I mean, come on, how many people are banging down their door for the lunch lady job? Pure craziness! I applaud you Mark Burnett...a small drop in the bucket for you changed her entire life.

Just one more day 'til the work week is over...yippee! One day closer to Christmas...hooray!


Mommi Tutu said...

Hi Anna! Thanks for stopping by my site and for adding me to your Blogroll - I'm honored! Glad to get you laughing:)
Also glad you're enjoying the snow, at least now your shoveled out!
Single Mom's unite:)

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the blog about Lucas enjoying the snow. We must be related!! Main roads were good here and the day went by so quickly. Looking forward to those new photos of Lucas and the snowpiles!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Stumbled over here from ???? (I can't remember!)

Your son is adorable!

I'll be back - cute blog! (and MUCH better than scrapbooking) :-)