Tuesday, December 4, 2007


It's FRIDAY! Well, it is if you're ME! Man I love Tuesdays...or to be more specific...I love Tuesdays at 11pm. I have a wonderful weekend planned full of dinners out with friends, last minute Christmas shopping (I'm almost finished...so it's last minute for me...also, you couldn't pay me to go out the week before Christmas with a three year old. Well...maybe you could pay me.) and dentist appointments, 'cause who doesn't love handing over a twenty dollar copay to a surly dental receptionist for the pleasure of them making your gums bleed. Super fun!

AND! After the dinner out with friends portion of the evening on Friday, I get to go shopping. By myself. As in alone! No small boy in tow bent on using every public bathroom in the county. Can 'ya hear the angels singing? Can 'ya? It's like a gift from the baby Jesus. I am very excited.

I'm hoping my next post will include our Christmas picture, because that will mean I have actually done it, and also that it might actually get mailed to others in a timely fashion, like by Christmas...this year.

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Kellan said...

That sounds great - I love being out shopping ... alone! I hope you have fun! Take care, Kellan