Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Completely Random List of Topics:

1. I want to get my haircut short but I also want to leave it long, which obviously presents a problem. I like the idea of long hair, but I put it in a ponytail everyday, so maybe what's the point? On the other hand, I like my old short, blond haircut (pre-Lucas), but I have to style it everyday...and I don't truthfully know if I can commit to that. Any suggestions?

2. I need to start exercising every day. All of my pants are too tight. Even though I know I promised myself I'd lose the weight before fall, it clearly hasn't happened. Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas is probably not a good time to start...but something's gotta give.

3. Everybody say a little prayer that the old Corolla passes inspection this month...I'm hoping to nurse it along until spring, when we'll trade it in for a new(er) one.

4. Lucas was wonderful today and did the dishes again! I'm really considering letting him do all the laundry now too, but I'm afraid the world at large might frown upon my 3 year old doing all the housework. (I hum the Cinderella theme song out loud while he scrubs away...)

5. Grey's Anatomy starts on Thursday (whoo-yoo!) but more importantly, so does The Office...my favorite show of all time. Don't call me Thursday...I won't be taking calls. Unless you call during the commercial break...but I will hang up on you in a hurry...just be warned.

6. There are 90 shopping days until Christmas. (WHAT!?)

7. That's probably enough for now...but everyone does need to weigh in on the hair situation...I've never in my life worried about my hair...but I'm ready for a change and I keep flip-flopping...so HELP!


Anonymous said...

Miss Banana,
Have you considered the mullet? I think it may be the answer to all your problems.

wendy audette said...

Leave your hair long,but add some blonde highlights !! Join the gym with me and we can help each other! Or Fridays can turn to hiking????

pmd said...

Lucas washes dishes? Will the two of you come live at the deweybarn? My hair is long too and I can't stand it. Putting it up in a clip is cheaper than getting it cut and highlighted every few weeks, but somethings got to give.