Monday, September 17, 2007

Because I Am Such a Thoughtful and Attentive Mother...

I put new sneakers on Lucas today. I popped the tags off and shoved them on his feet at 2:00pm on my way out the door, and he followed behind me complaining that they "didn't feel right." I may or may not have told him that he's just not used to sneakers after wearing his crocs morning, noon and night since summer started, and that he needed to break them in. After I rushed him to the car, and before we picked up my Mom from work, we ran into the Rite Aid in town and he clomped along behind me complaining that "they hurt my feet!" At which point I may or may not have told him to stop whining and hurry up, they're just new sneakers. And when I called Mom tonight to see how he was doing, she told me that I never took the wadded up tissue or the price tags out of the inside of the shoes before I made my son wear them...for hours. Oops.

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