Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I've Been Warned...

Lucas started complaining yesterday of a very painful right leg and has spent the last 36hrs or so begging anyone in earshot to rub it. While I felt sorry for him and his painful leg, I felt sorry myself a little too, because I had to listen to all the whining, and do all the rubbing, and lug his sorry self up and down the stairs to pee every 30minutes...but mostly I felt sorry for him, of course. Right before I left for work I gave Lucas some "super juice", which is code for his regular Crystal Light Iced Tea with a dose of Children's Tylenol in it. He normally gluts it right down, but since he is now a higher weight than the last time I had to give it to him, his dose went up. Apparently 1tsp of medicine in his drink is completely undetectable, but 1.5tsp renders the stuff undrinkable, or so he says.

After much whining in the car on my way to drop him off I finally caved in and told him why his drink tasted different today than it normally did, and he was not impressed that I had tried to sneak something by him. The little rat yells from the backseat, "You tried to trick me! I'm gonna have to talk to 'Amma about this!" Go right ahead, little buddy...'Amma does it to you too!

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