Saturday, September 15, 2007

We Have Good Friends

We had the best day yesterday up in the Islands picking apples. Lucas had a friend over and we met our best play date buddies at the orchard where we paid for the biggest bag of apples they sold there. The bags just don't look that big when they're all folded up in the crates, some of those bags look downright tiny and you think; Why on earth would anybody pick such a little bag of apples, why you couldn't even bake a nice pie with that many! Or maybe only I thought that, because I bought the big bag, and it turns out, the big bag gets much bigger when you open it up. The boys did a stellar job of picking, although neither one would put any apples in my bag, just the other Mom's bag, although in hindsight, she probably ended up with some fairly funny-looking apples, while all of mine look pretty good! *wink*

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AuntMary said...

Apple picking is one of fall's BEST activities! I haven't been yet, but I did go raspberry picking yesterday. The photos of Lucas in the boat, at the wheel and on the playground are great. He is just growing so fast, and those muscles.....