Thursday, September 13, 2007

You Wish You Were Me, I Just Know It!

Payday...Woo-Hoo! Lucas and I spent the whole day running errands and buying groceries. (Just to brag a little, my original grocery bill was $135 and after coupons my total was $63, not bad for an evening spent clipping coupons, huh?) So, my son, who loves to get his chat on with perfect strangers, stopped every. single. person. we passed today to introduce himself, state his age and the town he lives in, discuss his hair and potential haircut, the red spot he's got on his right eye, the reason why his shoes are two different colors, and the list goes on and on. Some people are very nice about this lengthy exchange, others see it coming and try to avoid it, at which point my over-social son announces to the store at large that "HIM'S NOT TALKING TO ME! HE MUST BE SHY!

Oh My Goodness!

It's cute the first few times. I appreciate that fact that my child is social, that he is smart enough and eloquent enough to carry on a conversation with adults that may not ever spend time with small children but can still understand everything he's saying, can imagine how long it takes us to get from Point A to Point B. And also, maybe I don't want everybody we meet to know our exact address! I kept smiling apologetically to people and pulling him along but he insisted on finishing his conversations. AND...I can't tell you the amount of stuff that people give him while we're out. Every salesperson we met today offered him something: Stickers and lollipops (which he took), gummy dinosaurs (which he took but I then threw away-um-food from strangers? They came out of a pretty dusty bin.), and chocolate (which he declined-couldn't of just said yes to that one? Mom would've liked some of that chocolate, hello?).

But we had a good day, if not a very long one, and tomorrow we go apple picking! Pictures to follow!

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