Sunday, September 9, 2007

He's a Good Little Consumer

So Lucas wants some more Thomas the Train junk, I mean, collectibles, and I told him we're not starting any more collections until Christmas, because Santa will bring him toys if he's good. We can't buy everything he wants just because he wants it, otherwise Santa won't have anything to bring him at Christmas. Which started a very long talk about Christmas, and winter, and when both of those things will be happening. Lucas doesn't give a crap that Christmas is months away when he wants something right now, so he has started a full blown campaign to convince me that it is already Christmas. Take today, for instance, when he stood naked in the living room window watching the rain and shrieked to me in the kitchen, "Wanna know a surprise, Mom? It's snowing, that means it Christmas! Let's go get me some Thomas pieces!" Um, almost honey, almost.

1 comment:

AuntMary said...

The reasoning powers of a three-year-old are extraordinary! Lucas, you are a gem! Rain, snow, Christmas, train pieces...there is definitely a connection!