Saturday, September 29, 2007

Don't Say No, Say YES!

I hear this several times a day from my bargaining toddler...(although I know he gets that from me...I rarely take anyone's first answer about things if it's not what I want to hear).

However, here is a short list of things I have not said YES! to this week, no matter how hard you tried to persuade me:

1. Tutti Frutti gum before breakfast.
2. Tutti Frutti gum before lunch.
3. Tutti Frutti gum before dinner.
4. A second piece of Tutti Frutti gum after you swallow the first...yes you do know you are not supposed to swallow it.
5. Letting you leave a public restroom without washing your hands after watching you roll around in the germs and touch every tile as you count to 17.
6. Letting you leave the bathroom at home without washing your hands even as you ask me for a snack.
7. Letting you play outside naked...believe me, you are the only one that thinks it's a good idea.
8. Letting you drop playdo down the heating vents.
9. Letting you drink out of random sippy cups rolling around on the floor of the car that may or may not have been poured in matter how thirsty you tell me you are.
10. Last for now but certainly not least...letting you cut my hair "for pretend" with your new safety scissors while I tried to sleep...I mean rest...on the couch.


single mom with tiny tot said...

good grief, this is what i have to look forward to! ack! at least all she does so far is try to kiss everything in sight. she has no negotiation skills yet.

pmd said...

Whoa! I was thinking it was time to get Sam a pair of those. Thanks for saving me the trouble!

Kellan Rhodes said...

This was soooo funny and soooo cute! I scrolled past a couple of posts (that I liked too) and got to this one. I like your blog.