Sunday, November 11, 2007

He's Growing Up!

Oh! My son is growing up! He had his first sleepover. Well, he had a friend sleep over at our house for the very first time, which totally counts! Lucas is 3 1/2 and his buddy is a whole 4 years made for a very fun night. To say Lucas was excited for this sleepover would do it an injustice. He was over the moon that his little buddy would be spending the his Thomas the Train bed! He kept skipping around the apartment, going in circles. Those little party animals managed to see the very late hour of 8:30pm...wild, I know...well, Lucas fell asleep at 8:30pm...his buddy took a little longer to fall asleep...though to his credit, he never made a peep.

They played trains, and ate toast and watched Winnie the Pooh...does life get any better?

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AuntMary said...

Lucas and a sleepover brought back wonderful memories of 'sleeping over' at my grandma's house. We would watch the patterns on the bedroom wall that were made by the car headlights as they passed by the house. To this day I sometimes find myself looking for patterns made by unusual circumstances. Warm memories!