Tuesday, November 6, 2007

We're at THAT Stage Already

My kid loves having his daily bath, or "takin' a tubby" as he likes to call it. Lately though, his routine has expanded slightly. He has formed a new love, and it's in the form of deodorant. He gets out of the tub all clean and shiny and pink, and proceeds right to my room, where he commandeers the deodorant stick and loudly announces his need for PRIVACY! as he slams the bedroom door. I know he's spreading deodorant all over...not exactly it's intended use...but at least he smells nice. Maybe Santa will bring him a little manly scented stick for his stocking this year!


Kellan said...

Take a tubby - too cute! Aren't they just adorable. My little girl couldn't stop saying the word Lagoon, on the way to the grocery store this evening. Kept saying it over and over again, cuz she liked the way it sounds - they are a hoot. See ya.

pmd said...

How very independent he is becoming! Privacy, the bright side is maybe you will be spared having to shoo him off to his room if he decides to explore private things when you have guests.

single mom with tiny tot said...

that is too too funny!

at least you know he won't be one of those stinky adolescents who haven't figured out they need deodorant yet!

he'll have been stink-free for years.