Monday, November 26, 2007

Singing in the Rain...Except Without the Singing

It's raining here, an icy cold rain that won't stop until it turns to snow, and Lucas loves it because the rain means that he can use his umbrella. Except...he calls it his raincoat and will not use the right word no matter how many times I try to remind him that the word is umbrella. But that's okay, because it's beyond cute to see him walking to the car with his little red pirate umbrella perched carefully over his head. Keep in mind, we park our car two feet from our front steps, and it's more work than it is help to open the umbrella and then navigate Lucas out the front door without poking some one's eye out...but if he thinks there's a drizzle happening somewhere in the county, out comes the "raincoat". I would love to post a picture, but it's hard to do when we're rushing out the door, my arms breaking under the weight of all the things he has to take to Grandma's.


AuntMary said...

You write so well that I can 'see' the whole picture of Lucas, the front step and of course the red thing-a-ma-jig!!!

Kellan said...

I just love that Lucas. All the little stories you tell always make me smile - "raincoat" - too cute. Take care of him - he's a keeper!!!! See you soon. Kellan