Tuesday, November 27, 2007


It's Friday! Well...it is for me anyway, and thank goodness. I'm ready to be home and be lazy. Preferably in my pajamas. With lots of icy cold diet Pepsi...and chips. I have a ton of After Black Friday shopping to do with all of the free money certificates I earned while shopping on the Actual Black Friday...so watch out mall, here we come. My efforts to have a China-Free Christmas are coming along nicely, with just a few exceptions...I decided it might be fun to try and buy all of our gifts made from places other than China and Lucas has ended up with some really fun stuff that I might not have sought out otherwise...so that part has been neat. Of course, some things are only made in China, so I bought them anyway, and we'll just hope they don't poison us to death before Christmas rolls around again.

Last year I shopped like a madwoman to earn all of those $10 dollar off store certificates and then worked the next week straight and they all expired before I could use them...but not his year. Oh, no...this year we shop...ten dollars at time.

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Kellan said...

Oh, you lucky dog - shopping! I have meetings all day tomorrow and other not-fun crap I have to do, I'd be a lot happier going shopping. Have FUN!