Monday, November 19, 2007

Some of Our Conversations Are Confusing if You Haven't Watched Winnie the Pooh

I said: "Are you going to be so good for Grandma today?"
***hear the sound of crickets chirping***
I said: "Hey! Are you going to be good for Grandma today?"
He said: "Work brain work, work brain work...think, think, think!"
And then I said: "What are you talking about?"
And then he said: "I can't think of the word... ... ... ... Oh yeah! I will be good for 'Amma today!"

And every once in a while he just says "Stuffed with fluff!" out loud for no reason. It might be time to start cutting back on the Winnie the Pooh DVDs.


Kellan said...

And I'll just bet he was, as they are always so good for Grandma, aren't they! You are so lucky to have your mom around to be close to Lucas! He is so lucky. See you soon, Kellan

AuntMary said...

Pooh is timeless...he even appears by reference in some college classes! For a 3 year old to have such a grasp of the language AND its meaning is fantastic. Could I borrow him for a class demo? (Kidding!)

Kellan said...

Ooooooh - it's been a while since Winnie the Pooh! Too cute! And "stuffed with fluff" - adorable. See ya.