Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

I'm sure that Easter happens in the spring, but you'd just never know it by the snow flurries! We managed to squeeze in two egg hunts (with 84 eggs) in the back yard before it got too cold to stay outside. The Easter Bunny was kind enough to bring Lucas two baskets, one to Grandma's and one to his own house. He didn't seem at all suprised that the Easter Bunny would give him two baskets, because come on, why wouldn't he? When I left him at Grandma's house to come to work, he was running around in just a pull-up, a t-shirt, and his rosy red cheeks. I think he had a good day, I think he's going to crash hard when he finally goes down for nap!


AuntMary said...

Oh! I got to see my Two Green Mountain Boys on Easter Day-thanks to you! Those eggs - wow! Coloring so many eggs sure took time and what memories it built! Happy Easter 2007 to all!

Anonymous said...

hi anna, it's me, Ben i'm at school checkin' out your blog, it's awsome!