Sunday, April 1, 2007

Spring Is Calling Our Name

Today Lucas and I set out to assemble his brand new, shiny red Schwinn scooter that his Grandma bought him for his 3rd birthday. I have had it hiding away in the basement (still in the box) until today because the weather has not been scooter-friendly. But today was beautiful and sunny and dry, so we pulled the box upstairs and outside and starting assembling without the one wrench that is apparently vital to the completion of this scooter. We only had to knock on two doors before finding a neighbor that did own the wrench and it went together pretty quickly after that. Lucas refuses to use it's handy little kickstand, and instead prefers to fling it to the ground when his done trying to balance on it. So that's something we will need to work on. He doesn't care for his helmet, either, but that's non-negotiable. I'll post a picture when he can balance on it long enough to catch on film!

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