Saturday, April 28, 2007

I'd Love To!

My son seems to be taking politeness to a whole new level these last couple of weeks. His latest catch-phrase is "I'd love to".

Me: Would you like to go for a ride in the car?
Him: "I'd wuv to!"

Me: Wanna walk down to the mailbox with me?
Him: "I'd wuv to!"

Me: Wanna go potty?
Him: "I'd wuv to!"

You get the picture...but he means it! He thanks me so sweetly with kisses and snuggles. Don't get me wrong, my Lucas has his days, he is three after all, but how lovely is three right now? Very lovely!

Of course, having said all that, he demanded that I get out of his brand new comfy bed today...
I was watching a show on HGTV (I cannot get enough of that channel!) and he wanted to watch Blues Clues, he wasn't willing to watch it in his room (yes, he has a tiny little TV in his room) so I put it on in the living room and I ran upstairs to watch the last five minutes in my room. Well, my bed was made and his wasn't, so I hopped into his and turned on my show. Next thing I know, Luke is stomping up the stairs asking me what I'm doing, he was not happy to find me all snuggled in his bed. He demanded I get out, 'cause his bed is for "big boys only!" I can't blame him, I'd be possessive about a bed that nice, too!

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AuntMary said...

Be strong, my heart...I HAVE to go to Vt. this summer. Lucas and Ben are growing up so fast and I miss them. I bet Lucas might even have an extra snuggle or two!!! I sure do enjoy the narratives and how Lucas' language is developing. Three is such an exciting age-learning on the second and half-second, it seems! Thanks for the HGTV -watching story; I can definitely picture that one!