Sunday, April 15, 2007

That's My Boy

I let Lucas pick out his own clothes today when he woke up from his nap and needed to be changed...and do you know what he picked? My personal all time favorite outfit: Flannel PJ bottoms, a t-shirt, a hoodie sweatshirt and his crocs! I would wear that same outfit for the rest of all time if people at the mall wouldn't look at me funny...and that was his pick! You know how Mom is always bragging that she cloned us? I think I might have done it too! ;-)

I did try to get a picture of him in that fabulous outfit while he was buckled in his car seat...but he was too busy giving me the directions to Grandma's to sit still long enough for clear shot. Take a right here!!

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AuntMary said...

Early Monday morning and Watertown is Snowtown, big time! I think it's a day for a new King Arthur WholeGrain muffin recipe! (AuntJane gave me the newest baker's book for my birthday.) Now, global warming????? I love seeing Lucas in his snowsuit and can just picture him in his 'casuals' at home. You sure do get good photos-brings him right into my home, too!
Go away, snow.....pleaseeeeeeee!