Monday, April 23, 2007

I Thought My Night Was Bad...

Until I talked to my friend Pam, she had her hands full today!

I, myself, lost my keys at 3am this morning...I actually lost them hours earlier of course, but I didn't realize it until about 3:10am when I was trying to desperately to escape, I mean leave, work. Lucky for me, a friend of mine was working until 7am and let me use her car to pick up Lucas and drive home to get the spare set of keys. I'd like to take a moment here to remind you how incredibly lucky I am that I had a spare house key hidden outside...since Lucas had found it played with it that very morning. We were back in bed by 4am and I had the pleasure of setting my alarm clock (for the first time in AGES) for 6:45am! so that I could bring this friend back her car so she could go home! Needless to say, didn't get much sleep...but luckily the sun was shining and we played outside long enough for Lucas to get pink cheeks and a head of hair hot from the I got like a zillion kisses, and eskimo kisses, and butterfly kisses...he was just very kissy today! I'm a lucky Mama!

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AuntMary said...

Have you found your keys? I think losing something or even just misplacing it can be one of the most trying times.... How about keeping an extra set at Grandma's house? I love the way your story ended with all those kisses. I think Lucas knew you needed lots of extras this time!