Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hard At Work...

Here's the boy, hard at work on his shiny new scooter. It came with an Allen wrench in the box, and he hasn't been able to stop fixin' things since he found it! It would be nice if he could move on to bigger things, like automobiles, because mine is getting on in years, and I would love a free tune-up!
You can see part of his train table in the background, which he makes me pull away from the wall every day so he can get all the way around it, because he's tiny, or so he tells me. He doesn't feel tiny when I'm lugging him up to bed every night!

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AuntMary said...

What a neat scooter - complete with a mechanic. Great Grandpa Raymond would be so proud! Love seeing that train table again and the handsome, TINY? lad in front of it! Good photos, good story. Thanks! ILYOMTYCESx2-AM