Monday, April 30, 2007

There's No Place Like Home

We were at the mailboxes the other day when I saw a note from the Property Manager posted. A condo was for sale in Colchester for just $159,000. What a bargain, right? It's actually a very low price for any sort of property in Chittenden County, I really should have known better. I called Pat and got the address and Lucas and I headed across town to take a look. Pat assured me that it was the nicest condo they had to offer, but when we pulled into the neighborhood I realized that wasn't saying much. It had the exact same layout as the apartment we're in now, but the floor was peeling in the kitchen, the walls were in rough shape, I wouldn't put any of my dishes in the rotten cabinets, the front door had clearly been broken into, and it would have cost twice as much to live there every month as I pay for our apartment once I factored in taxes, water, sewer, insurance. I had to laugh when Pat called me that afternoon to see how I liked "my new condo"...not so much, Pat...not so much. I know Lucas felt the same way, as we walked down the steps he announced "Let's see the next one!"


AuntMary said...

There's no place like home...and even a 3-year-old 'knows' that! The best part of that visit was that you both came away with renewed appreciation for what you already have! I'll have to remember that when someone (or I) think the grass might be greener....


Megan said... when I'm ready to sell my condo, I'll let you know. And my walls aren't peeling and I've never been broken in to! PS--Put up a new and orginal post of my own today! :)