Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Thrill of the Hunt

Lucas and Lili braved the coooooooold weather today to join in the the City of Winooski's annual egg hunt. The crowd started running before the Hunt Official gave us the go, but luckily, we were near the head of the pack, so the kids did quite well!


AuntMary said...

What terrific colors for Lucas' Easter eggs! His mom is VERY good at journaling; I feel like I'm there! Watertown had snow and more snow and this morning I had to 'hand-paw' some of it away in order to find the hyacinths I wanted to cut for Easter.

Mary Beth said...

The egg hunt is a wonderful tradition with you, Buddy and "Resa." We look forward to next year. Hopefully it will actually feel like spring!

Mary Beth & Lili